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Model range

Dubllik Size
Dubllik Size
3D-models measurement
Dubllik R1000/2
Dubllik R1000/2
3D Scanner
Dubllik R1500
Dubllik R1500
3D Scanner
InBody Dubllik
InBody Dubllik
3D Scanner

We know that every person is concerned with the health,
so that's why we created smart 3D scanner

Fitness and Wellness

A new lab for studying
physical conditions of a person

3D printing

Scan and print
small-scale copies of a person


Make through and surface
measurements of the human body

Education and Science

Create fascinating lessons
on 3D modeling and 3D printing

Over 3 years

of research and development of Dubllik 3D scanner

0,5 min
1 min
2 m2
3 mm


MIOFF Russian Fitness Week 2017

At the annual Russian fitness week MIOFF, InBody introduced a new i-Scan zone, which included the Dubllik R1500 scanner

News, Fitness

07 November 2017
3D zone

3D zone grand opening in Auchan mall at Airpark (Khodynka)

News, 3D printing

27 October 2017
3D scanner as the necessity in entertainment

3D scanner Dubllik has an incredible potential in entertainment. Exhibitions, lectures, weddings – you nme it!

News, 3D printing

16 October 2017

Dubllik, Gal and Vixter have participated in DISTREE 2017

News, 3D printing

26 June 2017

Dubllik 3D scanner

Dubllik 3d scanner - an innovative, unique project for Russian region which is incomparable in terms of prices around the globe .

Dubllik 3d Scanner System is a complex which makes 3D scan of a person. The created copy is stored in a cloud and is available at any time. The created copy could be downloaded and printed.

From now measuring tapes and notebooks are disappearing forever; modern and efficient technologies are their replacement. Measuring of the human body’s dimensions takes place automatically with the assistance of software suite.

The system includes the software and hardware complex which consists of:

  • 3D scanner
  • Data storage server
  • Software suite for 3D model creation
  • Software suite for making measurements, calculating values, storing and comparing the data*
*is available in Dubllik R1500, InBody Dubllik

Meet the system of the future which allows you involve customers to the new world of 3D technologies!

3D scanning system offers a new and exclusive service. It’s not only a 3d scanner, but an ecosystem which accommodates digital image of your customer.

Dubllik 3D scanner:

  • creates 3D model of a person in 2 minutes
  • data is stored in the personal area in the cloud
  • automatically determines sizes of any part of the human body
  • requires 2 sq.m. of space
  • illustrates body changes in 3D
  • user gets the printed version of the results