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Dubllik Size

Measurement of models

Do the following actions to obtain measurements:

1. Click on "Download Model" button

2. Wait for the file to be downloaded. Loading ...should be replaced to Waiting in the information box.

3. Place the model for further measurements. Move the camera relatively to the model by holding d key.

Use the right mouse button for more convenient movement.

4. Select which part you want to measure by clicking on the Select button. Select the line in the dialog window.

5. To measure the circle press the button , then hover the mouse over and click once in place where you want to measure. Information box will show Point 1.

6. Next, make measurements in the planes. For example, if the model is place vertically, you need to press the button to measure the waist. If you want to measure the biceps and the hand is placed horizontally, press .

Attention! The measurement process takes from 1 to 40 seconds depending on the processing power of your PC.

7. To measure the length of the surface, put 2 points and press the button .

8. Press the button to measure the height.


Control elements for dimensions

Camera control

 — camera movement.

 — camera centering.


Model control

 — rotation of the model by 90º along the XYZ axes.

 — model centering.

 — show / hide the cube around the object.

 — show / hide the controls of the model. W key is for the motion of the model, E is for the rotation of the model.

 — center the model from DUBLLIK scanner.



 — start the placement of points for measurements. 1 point — measurement along the axis around the object. 2 points — measurement between two points on one side or between points on both sides.

 — measurement along a straight line inside the object, without the surface bends.

 — measurement from one side along the X axis.

 — measurement from both sides along the X axis.

 — measurement from one side along the Y axis.

 — two-sided measurement along the Y axis.

 — measurement from one side along the Z axis.

 — measurement from both sides along the Z axis.

 — undo the last action.

 — reset everything.