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Fitness and Wellness

Every year an increasing number of advanced fitness clubs around the globe give their customers a unique opportunity to observe changes in their body as a result of a training program. At present, the system is most widespread in the United States and in Western Europe regions. In Russia, the 3D scanning of a person is just starting to appear. One of the first fitness clubs, where this system is already implemented, is "World Class".

Business opportunities:

  • Additional traffic:
    • Dubllik 3D scanning system offers the opportunity to interest and motivate a customer with a new exclusive service.
    • Your company attracts new customers with the help of innovative technologies.
  • Additional income:
    • Paid scanning services.
    • 3D printing of figures
  • Multiple increase in the number of customers:
    • Monthly scanning.
    • Scanning for 3D printing.
    • Training program correction based on the given results.

Customer opportunities:

  • Sport fans could observe the visual representation of the body changes' dynamics and training results.
  • People concerned with their health could collect the data to track the body changes' dynamics and obtain information about the current health condition.
  • Customers have the opportunity to download the 3D model and print the copy.
  • Trainers have an unique opportunity to correct training programs based on already achieved results.