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A 3D scanner is an important attribute of medical research centers and practicing medical institutions around the globe.

Dubllik 3D scanning system is a quick way to create a digital 3D copy of a person, find out the exact dimensions of a person's body and get other data necessary for diagnosing and treating diseases related to:

  • Underweight or overweight (in endocrinology, dietology, etc.)
  • Curvature of the spine of different localization types
  • Cancerous tumors in the body (melanoma, etc.)
  • The diagnosis and treatment of other diseases in which the visual evaluation of both the human body in general and its dimensions in particular is of great importance

InBody Dubllik model is capable to conduct advanced diagnostics of the human body composition by integrating the bio impedance analyzer into the system.

We offer unique solutions and an innovative product on the world market.

To date, there are many manufacturers of bio impendance devices and many manufacturers of human body scanners. We offer the world's first complex which combines both.

For the first time in the world, a person receives data about his internal and external state, which is stored in the cloud and is also accessible from the mobile app.

With us, any person can manage the quality of life ...

Advantages for doctors and patients:

  • Cloud storage of personal data (patient's record)
  • Access to the records in any time and from any place in the world (with access to the Internet)
  • Communication of the patient with the doctor via the system, including online mode
  • Conversation history, 3D models of the body, the results of analyzes, assignments, etc. All the information is stored in one place (patient's record)
  • Convenient visual evaluation of the dynamics of the patient's body changes according to his 3D models
  • Convenience of comparing the quantitative indicators obtained at different times and tracking their changes

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