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3D zone

Auchan, located in the Airpark (Khodynka), has become a home for the 3D zone, which will be especially interesting for parents with children and gadget lovers. 3D zone offers an opportunity to have been 3D scanned to everyone. You can get a 3D model of yours and view it in your personal account on the website, in the mobile application, work with it in special applications. Students using this model can learn the basics of 3D modeling.

In addition, in the 3D zone, you can print any model you want with a 3D printer, and also test it and, if desired, purchase together with consumables.

We strive to ensure that our equipment and services are as affordable as possible, and also be used by people with different levels of computer and technical training. On-site company employees provide you with details on any service and equipment offered by 3D zone. Training master classes are included.

3D zone is located on the second floor of Auchan in the Airpark (Khodynka): Moscow, Khodynsky Boulevard, 4, at the very end of the hall - in the electronics department.

With us, 3D technologies are becoming not just more popular, but also affordable.